Noha’s Ark Ship Playhouse w/ Swing Set


Noha's Ark Wooden Ship Playhouse w/ Swing Set This is the Amish built ship playhouse also known as the Noha’s Ark wooden ship playset. This particular ship playhouse measures 8 feet  wide and 14 feet long.  The top of the “captain’s command station” measures 7 feet and 6 inches from the ground.  There is a wooden ship steering wheel for the captain to steer this exciting wooden boat playhouse safely through the sea of imagination.   The captain’s deck is also covered by a canopy constructed of colored canvas.  Off the port side of the ship playhouse resides a 10′ long wooden gang plank or ramp.  The gang plank has vertical rails connected with a rope for safe entry of its passengers. Also located on the port side is a 10′ wave slide, providing a quick exit point for departure.

The mast that is mounted to the lower deck of the Noha’s Ark ship playhouse, also serves as a swing beam featuring 2 trapeze style swings.  A 5′ ladder on the starboard side of the wooden boat playhouse allows passengers to climb aboard.  Also located on the starboard side of the ship playhouse is the A frame style swing beam complete with 2 sling swings for added fun.

Back View of Noha’s Ark Ship Playhouse

Noha's Ark Ship Playhouse back view The back view of the wooden Noha’s Ark ship playhouse is a 5′ rock wall climb and doorway to the inside hull or cabin.  Once inside, the ship playhouse really comes to life.  The size of the interior is adequate for most kids.  There is plenty of space to play games, gather around and talk about upcoming adventures, or even set up quarters for the night.

Pirate Ship Playhouse #911 w/ 7′ Rockwall


Pirate Ship Playhouse 911 This is the pirate ship playhouse #911 Historic Adventures by Play Mor Swing Sets.  It is among the most popular and realistic pirate ship playsets I have ever seen. The first thing that immediately pops out at you when walking up to one of these ship playhouses is the attention to detail and craftsmanship.  The materials used are all smooth finished and angles and joints line up perfectly.  From the beefy hardware to the realistic rocks on the rock wall, they certainly don’t skimp out on anything.

This pirate ship playhouse measures 8′ wide and 17′ long.  The lower spacious front deck measures 5′ from the ground, while the rear deck is another 2 feet making it 7′ high.  That is the destination for a climber when he/she attacks the huge 7′ rock wall climb at the stern of the ship playhouse.  Then towards the middle of the wooden boat playset is the 5′ ladder with safety hand rails.  On the bow of the pirate ship playhouse there is a heavy duty swing beam mounted to the railing.  The swing beam features triple laminated construction and allows for 4 positions.  This particular ship playset has 2 sling swings, a trapeze with rings, and a horse glider.  The beam itself measures 8′ above the ground.  even the upright supports the hold the “A” frame swing beam stationary is constructed of the triple laminated beams.  These are actually 3 boards pressed together instead of a single 4×4, and are extremely durable and warp resistant.

Swing Happy Pirate Ship Playset

Swing Happy Pirate Ship Playset Left SideThis is an impressive custom pirate ship playhouse with 2 swing beams!  The tall 10′ swing beam attached to the back of the pirate ship playset has 4 positions that include a horse glider, 2 sling swings, and a trapeze swing. The front swing beam measures 8′ from the ground and features the crowd pleasing 360 degree swivel mounted tire swing. It also includes a buoy ball swing and the “A” frame support are moving in to make space for the disc swing mounted to the end of the beam. That’s 7 different swing features on this magnificent pirate ship playset!

Another unique feature about this pirate ship playset is the monkey bar attachment and 7′ pipe climb mounted to the right side of the ship.  The monkey bar attachment allows the kids to exit the front deck of the pirate ship directly onto the upper ladder of the monkey bars. Pirate Ship Playset with Monkey barsThey extend out approximately 9 feet from the side of the pirate ship and continue vertically to the ground. The 7′ pipe climb is also a nice climbing obstacle the kids really enjoy.  They are an economical alternative to the more common rock wall climb pictured in another post detailing the 911 pirate ship playhouse.

Indoor Pirate Ship Playset

Indoor Pirate Ship Playset

Small Pirate Ship Playset with Dark StainThis is an example of a small pirate ship playset set up indoors. This ship playhouse measures 6′ wide and 12′ long.  The front deck sits 4′ high and the top rear deck sits 5′ high.  The entire boat weighs approximately 1800 pounds and is finished in a nice dark stain.  The surrounding artwork and pirate ship flag bring this playet to life!

Imaginations Run Wild

When the little pirates step aboard this unique and realistic pirate ship playset, you can instantly see their gears turning.  They completely envision themselves sailing the high seas and barking out “ah hoy” and “arrrrrh”.   In the image to the left you see this young pirate is even fitted with the proper attire, further enhancing the pirate ship playset experience.

Why Buy A Wooden Boat Playhouse?

Wooden Boat Playhouse for KidsThere are many reasons for buying your family a wooden boat playhouse. In my opinion, the idea of getting the kids outdoors and away from the tv or video games is important. It helps children develope important physical attributes such as coordination and tactical ability. It also provides a safe haven where they will develop psychological strength and social skills playing with friends.  We can all relate to having that secure place when we were a youngster, to run to when we were upset, sad, or learning to deal with our emotions.   These are the less obvious reasons why a wooden boat playhouse is a great investment for your family.  Not to mention the catalyst for imagination and incredible FUN!

Inside A Wooden Pirate Ship Playhouse

Inside View  Wooden Pirate Ship Playhouse

This is the view inside the hull of a large wooden pirate ship playhouse.  This particular model pirate ship playset has a children’s picnic table for kids to sit down and have a snack, color, play, or whatever strikes their fancy.  There are several porthole type windows for the children to look out and scan the horizon for approaching vessels. There is also a wooden ladder leading up to the main deck, where the crew can get some fresh air.  The large Pirate Ship Playhouse has plenty of room inside the hull for great fun, even remove the picnic table and roll out the sleeping bags for an overnight voyage!